Discovery Science

In Discovery Science programme, you are the scientist and the kitchen is your wondering, exploring and discovering laboratory where you get to unveil what moisture has to do with popping popcorn, how proteins are essential in making cakes and much more!The best of all is that you can even eat your discovery afterwards.
This programme, written in line with the latest National Standard-based Preschool Curriculum, is a science awareness programme, packed with comprehension and evidence for children aged between 4 to 6, allowing them to prepare themselves for the more complicated science world that awaits them .It comprises multimedia and workbook which comes in three categories, mainly Starter, Level 1 and Level 2. Each category has 2 text books and 2 activity books per year.
Discovery Science programme aims to develop the cognitive skills and to increase awareness while kindling the curiosity of the child towards the world around them. The children learn through comprehensive scientific explanation and experiments by using interactive multimedia that comes with workbook for each level that helps in a child’s understanding towards the world of science and their ability to apply these concepts in every day life situations, giving them the spark that they can solve the world’s biggest problem.
It makes use of simple instructions, attractive illustrations, fun-to-sing songs and easy-to-do experiments to provide children with a fun-filled learning adventure.
What does Discovery Science covers?
  • Science awareness
  • Scientific concepts
  • Scientific vocabulary
  • Discovery
  • Experiments
  • Tryouts
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