Eureka Maths

Logo Eureka Maths 2023
Eureka Maths is a three-level advanced mathematics course designed for ages 3 to 6. Eureka Maths is a combination of multiple intelligence text books, hands-on exercises and logical thinking to enable the young learner’s minds to have a complete and balanced development, which would unleash the maximum potential in a child’s brain.
Strike a balanced stimulation of the child’s left and right brains, at the same time, will enable the child to have a complete brain develepment. This method of development will increase the child’s observation skills, memory skills, analytical skills, creative skills, innovative and logical thinking skills.
Eureka Maths is designed with clearly structured lessons, colourful and appealing artwork. It is a fun and interactive learning system to cultivate the child’s independent learning learning habits and creativity that they will be able to apply what they’ve learnt to the adult world and become our future leaders. 
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