Maths Modelling

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Mathematical Modelling Programme, which meet the requirements of the latest national preschool curriculum, is a pre-primary school series specially designed to path the road for kindergarten children towards preparing them for formal schooling. It comprises multimedia and workbook which comes in three categories, mainly Starter, Level 1 and Level 2. Each category has 2 text books and 2 activity books per year.
Mathematical Modelling Programme is a systematically interactive programme that brings out fun to the child’s imagination,as it is filled with brightly eye-catching illustrations with simple instructions and stimulating activities which aims to help children develop numerical skills early in their life.
Our books expose and challenge the children to the wonders of maths all around us, which directly opens up their eyes to daily life matters,step by step beginning from the very basic knowledge(shape, big and small, same and different, long and short,numbers, etc.) to more complicated and challenging stage (number bond, problem-solving skills, addition, subtraction, etc.)
What does Mathematical Modelling Programme covers?
  • Classification
  • Problem solving
  • Basic Maths concept
  • Number Patterns
  • Positional language
  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Understanding before and after
  • Understanding measurement
  • Mathematical vocabulary
  • Addition and subtraction
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