Essential Moral

Logo Moral 2022-01
Essential Moral, based on the National Preschool Curriculum, is a vital introduction towards instilling good behavior towards a child during childhood. It comprises multimedia and workbook which comes in three categories, mainly Starter, Level 1 and Level 2. Each category has 2  books per year.
These series of books allows them to know what behaviour is acceptable and what is not, ultimately teaching them the important life skills and key moral values to ensure that the child has the right foundation to grow and mature as a responsible and caring person. It also encourages a child to judge and decide what is right or wrong in different scenarios. Besides that, multiple scenario choices encourage self-improvement that helps them to understand better. Innovative editing techniques enable young children to study happily, establish a sound mind and body, cultivate noble sentiments, and lay a good foundation for future development.
Given them a head start in living right today to benefit them for life!
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