The aim of K-Program is to emphasize roles of computer in education and to make a comparison of computer aided education vs. traditional education. The use of computer is becoming an important part of the everyday environment. The trend began with many universities and education organizations deciding to plan new strategies concerning computer based technologies. As a […]

Eureka Maths

Eureka Maths is a three-level advanced mathematics course designed for ages 3 to 6. Eureka Maths is a combination of multiple intelligence text books, hands-on exercises and logical thinking to enable the young learner’s minds to have a complete and balanced development, which would unleash the maximum potential in a child’s brain. Strike a balanced […]

Uk Magic Phonics

UK MAGIC PHONICS SYSTEM is a series of sixteen (16) educational workbooks/Readers comes with audio compact Disc (CD) cum flash cards that will help teachers/parents to learn and teach your children how to pronounce and read correctly in UK English. Children are introduced to basic, one-syllable english words, through phonics practise, listening activities, correct pronunciation […]

Essential Moral

Essential Moral, based on the National Preschool Curriculum, is a vital introduction towards instilling good behavior towards a child during childhood. It comprises multimedia and workbook which comes in three categories, mainly Starter, Level 1 and Level 2. Each category has 2  books per year. These series of books allows them to know what behaviour […]


Mathematical Modelling Programme, which meet the requirements of the latest national preschool curriculum, is a pre-primary school series specially designed to path the road for kindergarten children towards preparing them for formal schooling. It comprises multimedia and workbook which comes in three categories, mainly Starter, Level 1 and Level 2. Each category has 2 text […]


“3 in 1 Learn Mandarin” is written according to the latest preschool education curriculum standards (KSPK) of the Education Bureau. In addition, it is also a Chinese textbook for Chinese beginners. 《3合1 学汉语》是根据教育局最新的学前教育课程标准(KSPK) 编写,除此之外,也是为汉语初学者编写的汉语教材,分为基础篇,第一级和第二级。本教材以循序渐进的方式,为幼儿的汉语建立稳固的根基。内容丰富、生动、有趣、互动性强等。每一个主题都贴近生活,覆盖学校、家庭、花园、运动等方面,让孩子即学即用。本教材内容涵盖的项目包括生字、短句、问答、汉语拼音、笔画、笔顺、象形文字、复述故事演绎及语法,当中还穿插朗朗上口的童谣、绕口令及口诀等以帮助幼儿掌握听、说、读、写的基本技能。 《3合1 学汉语》的目标是什么?  掌握汉语所带来的乐趣、激发他们学习中文的动力  掌握作答方法,提升识字能力  训练幼儿手和脑的运用能力  发展口语表达能力  为进入小学一年级做好入学准备

Bahasa Melayu

Learningbox Bahasa Melayu adalah siri yang mengandungi 12 buah buku direka bentuk bagi membantu menyediakan dasar Bahasa Malaysia yang kukuh di kalangan kanak-kanak yang berusia 4 hingga 6 tahun sebelum menjejaki alam persekolahan. Program Learningbox Bahasa Melayu terdiri daripada 3 siri, iaitu: ​Memperkenalkan huruf yang seumpama asas kepada penguasaan Bahasa kepada kanak-kanak. Kosa kata mudah […]

UK English

The LearningboxKids UK English is an integrated approach to teaching Real Everyday English literacy through synthetic phonics series for pre-school children aged 4 to 6 years old. With story, music and actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students achieve. […]

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